Peace Education Curriculum

Below you will find the year-long goals for our Peace Education program in a more detailed format than was included in the September Office Newsletter. We’re really excited to be working together as a community to instill peaceful values into our school.

To give strength to the teachers who are already teaching these lessons on a daily basis, Gina Abegg, co-director, will be visiting the Pre-Primary and Primary classes through the school year to share stories, songs, rituals, charitable outreach, and art projects that reinforce peaceful values.

Peace Education Pre-Primary and Primary Curriculum: Parker Montessori

facilitator: Gina Abegg, A.M.S.


  • A. August, September and October: Respecting Oneself and Othersoverview of peaceful values, self and other awareness, creating a community of respect, reinforcing basic ground rules and grace and courtesy, basic conflict resolution, naming feelings and needs, making requests

    Personal Awareness: uniqueness, silence, awareness self with others in space, love lights, feelings (include fear/courage-Halloween)

    Community Awareness: Everyone has right to get needs met, reinforcing grace and courtesy and ground rules from respect

(Holiday: Halloween)


  • B.  November and December: “Gratitude and Compassion”Gratitude: increasing awareness of the abundance of gifts we receive, using please and thank-you,

    Compassion: engaging in charitable service, giving gifts, holiday connections

(Holidays: Thanksgiving , Christmas , others celebrated by families )


  • C. January and February: Respecting and Celebrating Differencescelebration of one another similarities and differences , qualities of a friend, conflict resolution revisited from different needs view, saying no to unkindness,

(Holidays: Martin Luther King Day*, Presidents Day, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day )


  • March: Honesty and ResponsibilityMaking value based choices, practicing self-discipline and determination to accomplish a goal, taking responsibility for actions

(Holidays: St. Patrick’s Day)


  • April and May: Respect for the Earthrecycling, composting, tending the garden, learning about the plants, responsibility for care, connection with all life growing

(Holidays: Easter, Earth Day, Graduation, Growing Ceremony )


  • June and July:Respect for the Life of Plants and Animals”fundamental needs of all living things, interdependence, cycles of nature, gardening

    (Holiday: Independence Day)


“If we want peace, we must begin with the children.” — Dr. Maria Montessori

Back to School Night

Thanks to our amazing staff and incredible parent community, our Back To School Night on September 6th was a huge success! We had a great turnout and were able to communicate some important information to our families.

First, we spoke to our parents about some of the exciting programs going on in our school. We discussed the option of a Traditional or Year Round calendar, as well as the opportunity for our half day students to stay for lunch. Our Traditional calendar students will have child care available to them during breaks on an as needed basis if they do not choose the Year Round calendar. We spoke about our Specials Classes for our Primary students: Music and P.E for 3+ day students and Spanish for 5 day students. We talked about and met some of the instructors for our After School Enrichment programs: Art, Soccer, Dance and Music. Ms. Gina, our co-director, also talked to our parents about our Peace Education curriculum. Lastly, we spoke about our community resources with our liason, Carol Unwin, from the Parker Library.

Our parents were then invited to go their child’s classroom for a special time with their teachers. The teachers spoke to our parents about our year-long Biome study, the Montessori method and curriculum for the year. Our parents were able to see the beauty and purpose of the prepared environment and the five areas of the Montessori classroom: practical life, sensorial, math, language and culture (science and geography).

Being able to invite our parents into the classroom is a wonderful way to show our families that Parker Montessori is so much more than a daycare, it truly is a school. The Montessori philosophy educates the whole child and encourages independence. When the parents visit the classrooms, these goals, as well as how they are achieved, become more concrete in their minds.

Parent questions are always welcome and encouraged, both at these events and every day. We will be having “Parent Education” events throughout the year, including a Parent Volunteer Training this month and a “Montessori in The Home” class in October. We look forward to connecting with our parents and exploring the Montessori philosophy together.

Parents were also invited to sign up for various all-school volunteer opportunities that will be available this school year. Parker Montessori really strives to make our school a community, which is why we encourage parent involvement. For more information about these opportunities, please read the monthly office and teacher newsletters. You are also always welcome to contact the front office at 303-841-4325 or

“The first duty of an education is to stir up life, but leave it free to develop.” — Dr. Maria Montessori

“When I took our first tour of PMEI and we met Anitha and saw the school, I was struck with the visceral parental feeling of ‘this is something I must give to my child.’ I was so glad to know that we are putting her in the hands of good people whose business decisions still take the well-being of a child as the highest priority.” — Brian, former PMEI parent