Little Acts of Kindness Through the Year

by Gina Abegg, A.M.S., Co-Director at Parker Montessori

Always Good:

  • Collect food for food shelf (more than just at Thanksgiving).
  • Create outreach programs for people in difficulty, such as homeless, elderly.
  • Recognize birthdays, illnesses, weddings, etc. with art projects such as decorating aprons, bags, banners.
  • Make baby quilts or other gift for new arrivals.
  • Make food for someone in need, having an operation or new baby, poss. coordinate with other families by calendar.
  • Connect to elderly shelter, visits, singing, gifts.
  • Adopt individual grandparents at senior center.
  • Volunteer for a food kitchen like V.O.A..
  • Share food with friends and family .
  • Crush cracker scraps for birds.
  • Give back rubs (have rollers in basket).
  • Make decorations for all holidays and special occasions, decorate table cloths, arrange flowers, set tables, make place cards.
  • Make presents, cards (supplies always out).
  • Crush cans


Charitable Activities for Different Seasons


  • Put out jack-o-lantern with seeds in the garden for little creatures to live in through the winter.
  • Rake leaves for elderly on block.
  • Send home boxes for UNICEF collection, count money (October).
  • Rake leaves in yard into pumpkin bags in October, stomp on, put on garden in November.
  • Harvest sunflower seeds in fall and tweeze for birds.
  • Bring in outgrown clothing. Make pretend friends with newspaper and pumpkin heads for Halloween. Then donate to homeless shelter.


  • Prepare group meals or food gifts for holidays.
  • Collect mittens for homeless shelter children.
  • Coordinate with community adopt a family for holiday gifts
  • Make valentines for elderly, family, friends who have moved, volunteers, etc.
  • Feed birds with pine cone, rice cake, cookie cutter toast feeders. Use sesame butter if peanut free.
  • Recycle and buy plants with profits.
  • Care for gardens.
  • Clean up trash around neighborhood.
  • Set out ribbons, yarn, and cotton for birds to make nests.
  • Raise butterflies and release.


  • Share harvest from garden with neighbors.
  • Keep bird feeders and squirrel feeders full.
  • Set up water sources for animals.
  • Compost for garden.
  • Wash a friend’s feet.
  • Work the compost, feed the worms
  • Recruit members of the Lost Worms and Ladybug club to relocate creatures found on sidewalks into gardens.
  • Arrange flowers from family gardens, donations.
  • Plant bushes with berries for birds and butterfly attracting plants.

Fall Festival

What a joy it was to watch our children parade through the school in their costumes!

Wednesday, October 31, we celebrated the season with our annual Fall Festival. The children, parents and staff came together as a community for a day of fun and reverie. The morning began with Ms. Gina leading the children through the halls of Parker Montessori to display their costumes for all to see. We then gathered on our beautiful playground to have an all-school line time. Songs were sung and groups of children were called to the center of the circle to show off their outfits. Then, the children went back to their individual classrooms for crafts and other fun activities.

We are so thankful to have had so much parent participation at this event! Our sidewalk area on the playground was packed with families. Many of our parents stayed to help our teachers with preschool age-appropriate crafts for the children. We could not have had such a successful festival without the help of our outstanding parent community. Thank you!