Little Acts of Kindness Through the Year

by Gina Abegg, A.M.S., Co-Director at Parker Montessori

Always Good:

  • Collect food for food shelf (more than just at Thanksgiving).
  • Create outreach programs for people in difficulty, such as homeless, elderly.
  • Recognize birthdays, illnesses, weddings, etc. with art projects such as decorating aprons, bags, banners.
  • Make baby quilts or other gift for new arrivals.
  • Make food for someone in need, having an operation or new baby, poss. coordinate with other families by calendar.
  • Connect to elderly shelter, visits, singing, gifts.
  • Adopt individual grandparents at senior center.
  • Volunteer for a food kitchen like V.O.A..
  • Share food with friends and family .
  • Crush cracker scraps for birds.
  • Give back rubs (have rollers in basket).
  • Make decorations for all holidays and special occasions, decorate table cloths, arrange flowers, set tables, make place cards.
  • Make presents, cards (supplies always out).
  • Crush cans


Charitable Activities for Different Seasons


  • Put out jack-o-lantern with seeds in the garden for little creatures to live in through the winter.
  • Rake leaves for elderly on block.
  • Send home boxes for UNICEF collection, count money (October).
  • Rake leaves in yard into pumpkin bags in October, stomp on, put on garden in November.
  • Harvest sunflower seeds in fall and tweeze for birds.
  • Bring in outgrown clothing. Make pretend friends with newspaper and pumpkin heads for Halloween. Then donate to homeless shelter.


  • Prepare group meals or food gifts for holidays.
  • Collect mittens for homeless shelter children.
  • Coordinate with community adopt a family for holiday gifts
  • Make valentines for elderly, family, friends who have moved, volunteers, etc.
  • Feed birds with pine cone, rice cake, cookie cutter toast feeders. Use sesame butter if peanut free.
  • Recycle and buy plants with profits.
  • Care for gardens.
  • Clean up trash around neighborhood.
  • Set out ribbons, yarn, and cotton for birds to make nests.
  • Raise butterflies and release.


  • Share harvest from garden with neighbors.
  • Keep bird feeders and squirrel feeders full.
  • Set up water sources for animals.
  • Compost for garden.
  • Wash a friend’s feet.
  • Work the compost, feed the worms
  • Recruit members of the Lost Worms and Ladybug club to relocate creatures found on sidewalks into gardens.
  • Arrange flowers from family gardens, donations.
  • Plant bushes with berries for birds and butterfly attracting plants.