"Why Montessori? I want my daughter to be a strong and confident girl."
- Michelle, parent of one student

We practice the tenets of the Montessori philosophy, including:

  • Respect for the Child
  • The Absorbent Mind
  • The Prepared Environment
  • Purposeful Work
  • The Human Potential

At Parker Montessori, we believe that within each child is the seed of unlimited potential which will guide the child into adulthood. We emphasize individualized education, meaning that each child is educated at his or her own rate of development. Our focus is to continually stimulate the child through an enriched environment with activities, materials, and extensions that promote experimentation at every developmental level.

These goals of nurturing curiosity and independence are balanced with our goals of developing responsibility and self-discipline. Defined limits and modeled expectations are set through curriculum standards as well as through the student code of conduct. Each child is offered opportunities to grow within the context of respect for themselves, the environment and the people with whom he/she shares the world. These concepts are the core of Dr. Montessori’s philosophy of education.

Learn More about Montesori

Below are some videos that explore the many benefits of Montessori.

The benefits of Montessori

Google founders talk about Montessori

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We encourage you to contact us to visit the school and see Montessori education in action!