Peace Education Curriculum

Below you will find the year-long goals for our Peace Education program in a more detailed format than was included in the September Office Newsletter. We’re really excited to be working together as a community to instill peaceful values into our school.

To give strength to the teachers who are already teaching these lessons on a daily basis, Gina Abegg, co-director, will be visiting the Pre-Primary and Primary classes through the school year to share stories, songs, rituals, charitable outreach, and art projects that reinforce peaceful values.

Peace Education Pre-Primary and Primary Curriculum: Parker Montessori

facilitator: Gina Abegg, A.M.S.


  • A. August, September and October: Respecting Oneself and Othersoverview of peaceful values, self and other awareness, creating a community of respect, reinforcing basic ground rules and grace and courtesy, basic conflict resolution, naming feelings and needs, making requests

    Personal Awareness: uniqueness, silence, awareness self with others in space, love lights, feelings (include fear/courage-Halloween)

    Community Awareness: Everyone has right to get needs met, reinforcing grace and courtesy and ground rules from respect

(Holiday: Halloween)


  • B.  November and December: “Gratitude and Compassion”Gratitude: increasing awareness of the abundance of gifts we receive, using please and thank-you,

    Compassion: engaging in charitable service, giving gifts, holiday connections

(Holidays: Thanksgiving , Christmas , others celebrated by families )


  • C. January and February: Respecting and Celebrating Differencescelebration of one another similarities and differences , qualities of a friend, conflict resolution revisited from different needs view, saying no to unkindness,

(Holidays: Martin Luther King Day*, Presidents Day, Valentine’s Day, Friendship Day )


  • March: Honesty and ResponsibilityMaking value based choices, practicing self-discipline and determination to accomplish a goal, taking responsibility for actions

(Holidays: St. Patrick’s Day)


  • April and May: Respect for the Earthrecycling, composting, tending the garden, learning about the plants, responsibility for care, connection with all life growing

(Holidays: Easter, Earth Day, Graduation, Growing Ceremony )


  • June and July:Respect for the Life of Plants and Animals”fundamental needs of all living things, interdependence, cycles of nature, gardening

    (Holiday: Independence Day)


“If we want peace, we must begin with the children.” — Dr. Maria Montessori