After School Programs

We know that it can be difficult for families to shuttle kids from school to after school activities, and sometimes you’d rather not spend your entire weekend at soccer or dance class. Therefore, we bring some extracurricular activities to you! Parker Montessori works with some local companies to bring classes into the school during After School care time.

Please note that After-School programs are administered by trusted companies that are not owned or operated by Parker Montessori, and each activity incurs its own program fee paid directly to the company that runs the program. These extra-curricular activities are held at Parker Montessori and are open only to our current students.

The current after-school offerings include:

"I love that the kids can do some extra activities without having to leave the school - there's no rushing to get to a different facility for soccer or dance. It's easy for us, and the kids really love the classes."

- Jason, parent of two students


Ages 2 1/2+ – Children learn basic soccer skills from a wonderful soccer coach whose philosophy and goal is to create an exciting atmosphere where kids learn to love the game of soccer, have fun, and learn to enjoy exercise and sport. The program is divided into two sessions: one for our toddler-age students (2 1/2 – 3 1/2) and one for our students ages 3 and up. The class takes place on our outdoor grounds when weather permits, and in our indoor gym in inclement weather.

Dance class

Ages 3+ – Children learn dance moves from a variety of dance styles such as ballet, tap and hip hop. Open to girls and boys, Dancing helps foster coordination, grace and music appreciation.

Art Class

Ages 3+ – The goal is to play with the children as they learn about all kinds of art. The children will be shown other cultures, famous artists and their work, form, line, texture and what we can create with it. The children will be drawing, coloring, building, painting, gluing and generally having fun!

Yoga Class

Ages 3+ – Each class will be a combination of yoga postures & breathing exercises that encourage imagination, inner calm, self-discovery, and confidence. We will practice yoga postures that help children develop core-strength, agility, flexibility, balance, mobility, and coordination. We will also explore fun breathing techniques that promote inner calm and focus.

Mad Science

Ages 3+ – Mad Science is on a mission to spark the imagination and curiosity of children by providing them with fun, interactive and educational programs that instill a clear understanding of what science is really about and how it affects their world. (From the Mad Science website)

On-site speech and language therapy

Parker Montessori works closely with a certified speech-language pathologist who is available to evaluate and treat students with speech delays.

Enrollment forms will be available for your students as the sessions occur.