CoVID Precautions

  • Decision Making | Parker Montessori continues to closely monitor news, updates, and guidelines about the coronavirus, and is ready to put into place any needed responses. We have decided to suspend all field trips, physical tours and have taken other measures to avoid exposure to our students, families, and faculty.
  • Communications | We know learning is a lifelong pursuit that starts in our families’ homes, and we know student success is maximized when we support one another in a true partnership. Consistent and regular communication from the School to our families is one way we support this partnership.
  • Health and Safety | The safety, health, and well-being of our students, families, and faculty are always our top priority. As a school, we will follow guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Colorado Tri-county Department of Health and Human Services to safely open and operate our campus.
  • Our School | Maintaining our commitment to our vision, mission, and Montessori values — no matter where we’re learning — is of great importance to our community. Follow this tab to learn more about our school community.
  • Contact Us | If you’d like to start a conversation about whether Parker Montessori School might be a good educational partner for your family, please contact us. We are thrilled you’re interested in our school community and look forward to meeting you.

While the circumstances of COVID-19 are obviously not ideal and the logistical, health, and financial challenges facing everyone in our community are very real, Parker Montessori School remains committed to providing the very best for our students, families, and faculty. We are approaching 2020-21 with the same enthusiasm, intentionality, and joy with which we begin any new school year, and we cannot wait to welcome all our students and faculty back to campus for this fall.