Peace Of Mind With These Covid-19 Precautions

Such As Sanitizing And Hand-Washing That Keep Your Child Safe Every Day

Preschool & Childcare Center Serving Parker, Colorado

Frequent Handwashing Kills Surface Germs

Handwashing upon arrival and at every transition point for children and staff keep busy hands germ-free. Multiple hand-sanitizer dispensers are at the ready throughout the facility for added convenience, keeping your child’s spaces clean.

Temperature Checks Track Symptoms

At the top of the day, adults and children get their temperature taken to ensure no one has a fever–one of the leading symptoms associated with COVID-19–so your child’s spaces stay free of potential risks.

Face Masks Shield Your Child’s Health

All staff wear face masks to shield your child from potential exposure and keep them healthy and safe. Mandatory masks are proven to significantly reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus.

Classroom Pods Decrease Exposure

Keeping the same teachers with the same students and not combining classrooms throughout the day decreases the risk of exposure and makes it easier to track symptoms for the best action plan responses.

Limited Entry Decreases Unnecessary Exposure

Limiting school access to students and teachers only ensures your child’s spaces free of unnecessary traffic, decreasing the risk of exposure.

Increased Cleaning And Sanitizing Supports Health

Increased cleaning and sanitizing of all equipment, and high-traffic areas, along with daily washing of bedding, keeps your child’s items and spaces germ-free.

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