The school year kicks off with an all-school picnic, where families can get to know the staff and the other families in their classrooms.

From there we celebrate the coming of Fall with a costume parade around the school grounds.

We invite grandparents to join us for Dr. Seuss day, where we make our own hats and read, read, read with our grandparents.

We invite parents to Montessori night, where the students choose a special work that they showcase to their families.

We like to celebrate!

From all-school family picnics to holiday parades to Dr. Seuss Day, we believe in extending the lessons of the classroom into fun experiences.

We get to show off the fruits of our labor in Music class during our Spring Sing, our annual concert. Our music teacher chooses songs that coordinate with the biome we are studying for the year.

We host a Mother’s Day tea during which the students perform songs and stories for their moms.

We tend to our gardens all year, but in spring we also have a planting day, where we all bring in our favorite plants and find a spot for them in the garden.

And of course there is kindergarten graduation, and the year ends on a high note with a big game day outside.

We definitely know how to party!