The Parker Montessori Classroom

We welcome parents to observe our classrooms. It will be immediately noticeable that our classrooms offer a rich array of specially designed materials and resources. The materials and resources address and meet the wide range of interests, abilities and skills of the mixed-age groups working in the Montessori prepared environment.

"We're outside, we're hands-on...The children get to see the fruits of their labor in this beautiful garden that they play in every day. It's amazing to me."

- Jamie, Parker Montessori volunteer and parent of two students

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When you walk into one of our classrooms,

you will find an energetic, respectful atmosphere of engaged learning. During a work cycle, the students are at liberty to choose activities that appeal to them, each having a guided task or objective for the child to explore. You might find children working together on a counting activity at a table, or an individual student curled up and reading quietly in a comfy chair, or a small group sprawled out on the floor concentrating on piecing together an art project. Children are encouraged to explore, to move, to interact with their environment and with their peers and teachers. The joyful pursuit of knowledge is obvious as it radiates from our students.

The Grounds

In addition to its inspiring Montessori classrooms, the grounds at Parker Montessori have engaging playground equipment, beautiful flower gardens, shaded benches for reading or a moment of rest, a basketball court, a sandbox, and plenty of open grass spaces to run around. There are multiple gardens which add beauty as well as serve as a teaching tool: the children bring and plant flowers periodically throughout the year, and tend the garden as they learn about plant life-cycles, photosynthesis and practical gardening skills.

Our infant & toddler students have their own separate playground with age-appropriate equipment and their own special gardens that they tend with their teachers in fall and spring.

Our Spanish Room has works and decorations that reinforce the foreign language education. We have a library with Dewey-decimal arranged stacks, and a music room stocked with instruments from around the world, that the children visit regularly for their specialty classes. We have a dedicated indoor gym area so that we can continue physical education in inclement weather, and that serves as a meeting space for some of our after-school activities.