Montessori Nido Programs

Montessori Nido Program

Our decision to begin an Nido Program was due to our firm belief that learning begins before birth – let’s keep it going!

Parker Montessori’s Nido community serves children from 6 weeks to 15 months of age. The Nido room provides a nurturing, safe place for our youngest children to explore movement, language, and increasing independence. Our families appreciate the love and care we provide, and the developmentally appropriate stimulation that is provided during their time with us.

We have had a great experience at Parker Montessori. Our daughter is currently in the Nido classroom (about to transition to the toddler classroom), and we are so grateful for all of the care and attention she is paid during the day. Since enrolling her, we are so pleased to see how much she is developing and learning. All of the staff at the school, from the directors through the teachers seem to really like their work and enjoy interacting with the parents and the children. I highly recommend this school - especially the Nido program

- Gita, parent of two students

The Classroom

Our Nido community is furnished with Montessori works specifically designed for Nidos. The classroom includes materials which provide experiences to stimulate the senses, enrich the child’s vocabulary and understanding of language, support cognitive development, and develop both fine and gross motor skills. Singing songs, reading together, cuddling, sign language, and foreign language are also part of our daily experiences, integral to our goal of helping children become well-rounded people. Through careful planning of the environment, a strong understanding of child development, and our choice of wonderful staff, we work to give children the opportunities necessary to learn through their experiences, including a sense of self esteem and self confidence. Nidos as they use their senses and become agile, our Montessori Nido environment becomes a safe environment for exploration and experimentation. Our Nido room is almost double the licensing required size, so our little ones have more space to practice, crawling and walking. Our outside environment, shared with the Toddlers, features its own garden, sandbox, and materials, and is as much a part of the classroom as the inside is!

A Sample Infant Day

The Infant schedule is customized to each child’s particular development and needs. Each day includes:

  • Cuddling and adult interaction for trust buildingnadia
  • Language
  • Appropriate meals
  • Gross and fine motor practice- lots of tummy time and wiggling!
  • Singing and music
  • Nature Walks when weather permits
  • Rest and naps

The first two years of life are the most important. Observation proves that small children are endowed with special [psychological] powers, and points to new ways of drawing them out ”literally “educating by cooperating with nature. So here begins the new path, wherein it will not be the professor who teaches the child, but the child who teaches the professor.”

– Dr. Maria Montessori, MD

Construction is complete on our new infant room!

Give us a call for a tour and come see our beautiful new classroom.