Specialty Classes

Specials are weekly classes that enrich our classroom curriculum, are offered to our Primary children. They include Music and Spanish.


Our music class meets for thirty minutes, once a week. Music classes at Parker Montessori will motivate children to build their musical and vocal skills. In an atmosphere of safety and nurturing, students can sing and experience different kinds of music and vehicles of creating it. In the spring, the students perform for their families at the Spring Sing.

Music class is offered to students enrolled in at least a 3 Day program.

Whether you need full time, year round school coupled with childcare, or would like your child to experience the Montessori classroom on a traditional school schedule, we have options that will work for you.

- Jason, parent of two students


The introductory Spanish Curriculum at Parker Montessori instill in the beginning student a sense of enjoyment of the Spanish language as well as an appreciation for the Spanish culture. Through games, songs, craft and art activities, the students will be exposed to the Spanish experience. Utilitarian Spanish will be achieved through call and response activities, songs, rote memorization, and daily drilling. Spanish vocabulary will be introduced and then built upon at higher levels in subsequent classes. Props used to teach and reinforce lessons at this level include puppets, toys and popular music.

Spanish Class is offered to Primary and Kindergarten aged children enrolled in either a 5 Half Day or 5 Full Day program.