Parent Testimonials

… about our teachers and staff:

“The teachers and the staff are so friendly and take a true interest in learning about you and your kids. They feel like extended family and I have no concerns when I leave my two daughters at the school every morning. I know they will be treated with love and respect.”

“Parker Montessori has a very caring staff, and they work with me on my schedule!”

“My daughter has amazing teachers!”

“My child’s teacher is excellent at recognizing my son’s individual learning strengths and building upon them.”

“The staff provides a friendly, supportive, nurturing environment for my son to learn and play.”

“Our only regret is that we didn’t enroll our daughter sooner! Our child’s teacher creates a safe, loving environment for the children to explore and grow.”

“The teachers and staff are truly amazing. You feel like you are a member of the family and not a number or a tuition check each month. They are patient, kind and really want to see the kids succeed in everything they do.”

“My 2 ½ year old has learned so much from her class. She can now count to 20, she knows her colors and is independent at home.”

“Parker Montessori planted the seed of confidence within my daughter, which I feel is the most important element one needs in life!”

“My 4 ½ year old has made many friends and loves her teachers. She loves going to school and learns so much everyday, all in a very fun and structured environment.”

… about the specialty classes:

“My daughters love their music classes. You find them humming a tune or singing a song while playing at home or before going to bed.”

“My son loves Spanish and being exposed to different cultures and biomes. He especially enjoyed music this year. Spring Sing is better every year. We look forward to seeing our son perform.”

… about the event days:

“Special days are always fun. My daughters are always so excited for the family to come see their work or performance at school. I believe it’s a confidence booster with my kids.”

“I love the field trips. My child’s teacher organized a beautiful Mother’s Day tea. The children sang, made us a gift. It was very touching and thoughtful. ”

“We attended your Spring Sing last evening – our first visit with your staff and children – to join our granddaughter as she participated in the happy performance. We were taken aback by the absolute quality, organization and creativity of the performance! It was a wonderful experience and we came away with such joy in knowing our grandchild is being guided by this inspirational educational group. We hope to stay involved with [her] experience in preschool and look forward to seeing her grow under such worthwhile tutorage. Thank you to the entire staff for a wonderful evening and your individual missions for each special child you guide.”

… on why they choose a Montessori education

“I want my daughter to be a strong and confident girl.”

“Our 4-year old daughter (Allison) has been enrolled in the Parker Montessori school since August 2012 and we could not be happier with the curriculum and nurturing environment provided by the caring teachers and administrators. Allison has thrived in the Montessori structure and we are amazed how much she has learned in such a short period of time. Montessori allows Allison to express and challenge herself in a stimulating and diverse environment while instilling greater confidence in her abilities. The Montessori experience promotes creative thinking and sets a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning.”

… on why they choose Parker Montessori

“My daughter goes to Parker Montessori 2 days per week, she is 4 and it provides just enough structure and interaction for her and our family.”

“I like that parents are encouraged to volunteer in the classroom.”

“The care provided at Parker Montessori is aligned with our family’s values.”

“From our first tour of the school, I knew it was where our daughter was meant to be. The teachers and environment they’ve created are exceptional. I know that she is happy and thriving during her time at school. She cries when she has to come home!”

“It’s not a daycare, it’s a school!”

“When I took our first tour of PM and we met Anitha and saw the school, I was struck with the visceral parental feeling of, “this is something I must give to my child.” I was so glad to know that we are putting her in the hands of good people whose business decisions still take the well-being of a child as the highest priority.”

We asked our parents to share why they choose Parker Montessori for their families – here are some of their responses:

More thoughts from our parents:

“My daughter has been attending PM for 5 months now and I am still absolutely astonished when I pick her up from school everyday. Britnee is 19 months old and has skills that even her pediatrician is impressed with, many of which I would not have thought she was capable of at this age (ie. potty training, setting the table, clearing the table, using the words please and thank you, dressing herself). The list goes on. She is independent, self driven, and confident. She was once the shy, dependent child that all the older children coddled and now she is the mentor to new students. It is simply amazing and invigorating to watch your child, as a toddler, teach another child life and academic skills. She is developmentally, academically and verbally leaps and bounds ahead of her friends who do not attend PM. She loves going to school each day and is adored by her teachers, each who has taken the time to get to know her and develop their own special relationship with her. Prior to enrolling Britnee at Parker Montessori I was of the opinion that no one could be a better educator and caregiver to my child than I could. Boy was I wrong! Britnee is so loved by her teachers and classmates alike. We are truly privileged to be a part of the best Montessori program in the area. Thank you Parker Montessori!!” – Shawnee DeWitt, Google review

“We came to PM in July 2013 after a horrible experience at another center in Parker. When I called I was an emotional mess because I was so unhappy with TLE, where my two girls had been for a few weeks. They invited me in to talk and tour and I knew right away we would do whatever we could to make it work. Our girls, 16 months and almost 3, have been there for about 4 months now and we couldn’t be happier. We have experienced three different centers, and what you need to know about Parker Montessori is that it is unlike any other place you can send your children. They staff is consistent! We see the same faces every day and they all know and love our girls. The curriculum is amazing, but what is even better is that they understand that children can’t/won’t learn anything unless they feel safe, comfortable and loved first. Our girls have grown so much since they started attending. Our oldest was not very confident and now she says hello to strangers, leads her friends outside of school and is really becoming more confident and I thank PM for that! It is always difficult to leave your children in someone else’s care, but I can’t imagine my kids anywhere else. They are excited to go (most days :)) and sometimes tell me they aren’t finished with their work or want to stay and play longer with their friends when I go pick them up. I already get sad thinking about the day we will have to leave this school.” – Andrina S., Yelp review

“All three of my sons have attended Parker Montessori. Currently, my youngest son is enrolled in the primary program there. I researched a lot of local preschools before selecting this one for my family. Parker Montessori is the only actual Montessori accredited program in the area. I wanted to send my kids to an academic preschool and not just a day care and that is what I found here. I have been around this school for the past eight years and am very happy with the program at PM. You will not find a “work” in the classroom that does not have a purpose for being there. It is a great place to be and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great preschool for their kids.” – Heidi T., Google review

“Wow! That’s really all I have to say about Parker Montessori. My son has been attending for only two months, and the difference is amazing! I can honestly say he has a love for learning and trying new things now. In the past two months, he has been writing more, spelling, and just overall impressing us with each new day. The teachers and staff are truly amazing. You feel like you are a member of the family and not a number or a tuition check each month. They are patient, kind and really want to see the kids succeed in everything they do. Another plus is they are involved in giving back to the community, whether it is singing for the seniors or the giving tree at Christmas. It’s a whole different experience, and the best kind there is! I would definitely recommend this school for any child!” – Marissa S., Yelp review

“We have sent three children to Parker Montessori and we can honestly attest to the wonderful foundation that the school has given our children. The traditional Montessori curriculum has truly proven to foster a successful academic environment through practical learning and wonderful instruction. Our children have gained an immense sense of confidence through the multi-age classrooms. Parker Montessori teaches children the importance of respect, confidence and a love of learning that carries with them throughout their elementary years.” – Parent, review

“My daughter is enrolled in the toddler program at Parker Montessori. I researched a lot of local educational options for my family before enrolling her. Interestingly, Parker Montessori is the only actual Montessori accredited program in the area. Several other schools that offer Montessori-style education are “accredited” – but not by Montessori. Use caution when shopping for your kids! I have been thrilled with the quality of the program at PM, the professionalism of the staff and the academic and social growth my little one has made. I have a background in elementary ed, and many years of experience in schools, and I couldn’t be happier with the experience at PM. I love how the program helps students develop independence, how it allows them to work within their own learning style, and how students and teachers alike are expected to show respect for each other and the work they do while learning in the classrooms. It’s truly an inspiring environment for my daughter, and for mommy and daddy, too.” – Chris Soucy, Google review

“My elder son attended Parker Montessori during his tender years and I think he has benefited from his learning he got from from teachers at Parker Montessori. The practice of the Montessori curriculum was done very well at this school… (unlike few other Montessori schools in the south Denver area).” – Matthew R., Yelp review

“Our daughter has been attending Parker Montessori since she was 2 1/2 years old. This is her fourth and last year at the school. We are amazed by how much she has learned. The Montessori philosophy is so unique and it works. They also teach them to be confident and not be afraid to communicate. Our daughter was very shy when she first started at PM, but now she is very confident and just loves to be at school with her friends. We can not say enough about the staff. From the office manager who always greets our daughter with a big smile everyday, to the director who comes out of her office to chat with the kids to of course the teachers who are just wonderful. They are all just amazing. The teacher and director always make the time to talk to the parents if they have any concerns. We just love the Montessori philosophy so much and we believe that our daughter now has a very solid foundation that will help her in the coming years. We would highly recommend PM to anyone who is looking for a good school. It is the only actual Montessori accredited program in the area. Keep that in mind.” – Mona M-A, Google review