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A Montessori Environment Promotes Exploration And Develops Strong Thinkers

Primary | 3 to 6 years | Serving Parker, Colorado since 1987

Why The "Absorbent Mind" Needs The Montessori Method

Young children at this age have an absorbent mind and are in a sensitive period where concepts can be absorbed easily if applied in the right environment. We create this optimal environment by providing them hands-on experience and opportunities for repetition that leads to myelination of the neurons, making neuronal pathways in their brain.

Our Montessori teaching materials are designed to:

Meet the developmental needs of a young child

Help them understand complex concepts

Break down into simpler concepts that build on each other

Montessori Educates The Whole Child's Cognitive And Socio-Emotional Development

The primary class is a mixed-age classroom, with the unlimited possibility of learning, manipulating hands-on material thus making the learning more concrete. Our education sets a strong foundation and is an aid to life to bring out the maximum potential of each child.

Our primary class lessons get them ready for more complex and advanced work by developing their concentration, hand-eye coordination, memory, and other skills in:





Individualized Learning With Montessori Practices 

Each student receives individualized lessons tailored to meet their developmental need, where we start them at their level and build up. Along with Practical Life, Language, Math, and foreign language, the child is exposed to the world around them through geography and science, thereby broadening their view of the world, sparking their curiosity for a lifelong love of learning.

Practical And Social Skills That Boost Their Confidence

Children develop practical skills through our practical life lessons and social skills through grace and courtesy lessons, building their independence, confidence, and interpersonal skills to prepare them for lifelong success.

Essential Play In An Amazing Outdoor Space

Your child has ample time outside every day and plays with a thriving garden, a fun sandbox, and stimulating play equipment that gives them time to build friendships, increase energy, and even learn through play appropriate to age.

Creating Independence Through Healthy Food

Children have a community snack, shared by all, where children are exposed to foods they would not normally eat. They learn healthy food choices and they gain independence through participating in their mealtimes.

Large Space For Your Child To Move And Grow

Your child is in a spacious environment every day, allowing them to play, learn, and interact with their classmates. They gain independence and move around to stay healthy, maintain physical activity, and build agility.

Montessori Materials That Support Your Child’s Learning

Your child enhances their vocabulary, strengthens their understanding of language, and builds social-emotional skills with classroom materials that empower them and keep them learning independently and naturally.

They get to explore, experiment and discover with the Montessori materials which:

engage all of their senses in exciting ways

make them learn wholesome & concrete concepts

use natural logic and memorization skills

provide ample opportunities to self-correct

A Quiet Library That Supports Self-Led Learning

Children follow their passions and learn in-depth about the subject areas they are most interested in. They can read a book, use a Montessori material, or interact with other classmates as they discover the world around them.

A Science-Filled Classroom That Empowers Their Learning

Your child learns everything from science to geography preparing them for their next academic level and giving them all of the tools they need to soar in their respective classrooms while building brain power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Montessori Primary(Preschool) and Kindergarten Program Primary students focus on applying all the lessons they encounter to everyday life. A sample Primary day
  • Good morning circle time (This provides a time to do new introductions such as the biome that we may be discussing)
  • Individual and small group lessons
  • Exploration of materials (building independence)
  • Developing social skills (this could include snack time, reading corner, feeding the fish, taking care of the plants, helping a friend)
  • Practicing grace and courtesy
  • Building language skills
  • Encouraging self-worth
  • Respect and Responsibility
  • Inside movement as well as outside time

What Our Parents Are Saying...

Children's "home away from home"

We are so happy with our experience at Parker Montessori! The staff are friendly and truly care about the children, and I'm so pleased with the bond that the caretakers have formed with my children.

Alexa Westendorf

"Wonderful experience for our children"

Parker Montessori has been a wonderful experience for our children. My son started when he was 2 and my daughter when she was 1. Both have transitioned from classroom to classroom beautify. The teachers and staff are accommodating and understanding to their unique needs and home life transitions. I would highly recommend their daycare/school program for anyone.

Stephanie Frank Fillmore

"We have been so happy with the teachers"

My twin daughters have been attending Parker Montessori since last March. We have seen them grow so much and become so independent and social. We have been so happy with the teachers and leadership. The girls adore their teachers and constantly talk about them!

Angela Cuevas Pal

"We highly recommend"

Our daughter loves Miss Sunita and Miss Tess. Even though Miss Cameron is new, she is extremely caring and sweet to all the babies. Ms. Sunita is the lead for the baby room and she provides updates about our daughter’s day, progress, etc. at the end of the day everyday and via emails and pictures. We highly recommend Parker Montessori! Our daughter loves going there and is achieving all the developmental milestones while having fun!

Dipika Bornemeier

"Building a bright future for humanity"

The Heart of Parker Montessori is EXCELLENCE. Not only is the staff and leadership of this "beacon of HOPE' representative of Academic rigor and excellence but one of generosity and love, inclusive of the community they serve.

Jan McManus DiSanti

"Happy to be part of this family"

Just came back from Ms. Gina's parent education class at parker Montessori. It was really good. Got a lot of inputs which, I hope, will definitely going to help me as a parent. Thanks Ms.Gina and PMEI. Happy to be part of this family.

Jayanthy John

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